The Communist Family

From each according to his ability
To each according to his needs*

If you did not know the source of this you could easily mistake it for a description of the family.

After all in a family the family unit takes care of all of your needs from birth, and as you age you start to take on responsibilities according to your abilities. As an infant you are completely dependant for everything from feeding to moving about. As a child you can take on many responsibilities for yourself but are still financially dependent on the family. As an adolescent you may start working part-time to pay for some of your own wants but are still fully financially dependent on the family for food and shelter. Once you start higher education you probably work full time part of the year to pay for your expenses but may still be subsidized by the family unit.

Once you leave home and live on your own you finally become fully responsible for your own needs, though you might still receive some financial help from the rest of the family or you may provide some to it.

When you have your own family the cycle starts over again except now you may start financially assisting the family members that once assisted you when they reach retirement age and cease working and become more dependant on others for care.

All of this based on ability and need.

Something to remember the next time right wingers rant on about family values.

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