Making David Suzuki Look Like a Fool

Dr. David Suzuki is a respected scientist, world renowned environmentalist, and excellent communicator. So one would think that it would be difficult to make him look foolish. But the folks at powerWISE have found a way to do it.

I only hope that he is being well paid for the powerWISE commercials and putting the money to good use because, IMHO, they make him look like a fool.

Unfortunately the folks at powerWISE are very protective of their commercials so I was unable to embed a clip of the worst one, entitled “TV-Habitat” (the habitat of the common draft dodger), which makes me cringe every time I see it. The only copy of it I found on the web outside of the powerWISE site had been removed for a “terms of use violation”.

The powerwise ads can be viewed here.

My advice to Dr. Suzuki, never leave your image in the hands of the advertising industry again.


Anonymous said...

Since when is David Suzuki a respected scientist? That was a joke right?

Anonymous said...

as much as those commercials make him look kinda foolish, they do make me laugh at their stupidity. I enjoy them solely for their amusement

Anonymous said...

I second the point re: Suzuki being a scientist. If he did any science during his 3 yr PhD, that would be it. Look at his CV on line and you will not see a single peer-reviewed publication.