Watts Creek Pathway Construction Alternative Route

On Wednesday November 9, I noticed that a section of the Watts Creek Pathway running alongside the Nepean National Equestrian Park has the asphalt torn up and appears ready for construction work, barriers were ready to be placed across the path in two locations. It appears that the pathway will soon be blocked.

However there is an alternative route that was used as a detour previously during sewer construction. Some of you may remember it as a gravel road. It has been closed off and started to grow in considerably, but the gravel base remains and a well used walking/biking track remains as many people still use the route. Both ends were blocked off but they have been re-opened and there does not seem to have been any effort made to re-close them. I am not certain who owns the land but I think it might be the City of Ottawa or the National Capital Commission.

(click on map to enlarge)

This is an unauthorized detour - use at your own risk.

Update 2011-11-13 - Paving underway

Update 2011-11-16 - Paving completed, pathway open