The American Dream and Lazy Poor People

As a Canadian I find it very difficult to understand the attitude of many Americans, and not just the extreme right, that the poor do not deserve health care and particularly that their hard earned tax dollars should not pay for it.

The only reason I can come up for this is that they really do believe in the America Dream - literally and completely. That dream being that if you work hard you can become rich. If you follow that reasoning to it's logical conclusion then, if you are not rich you did not work hard, and if you are poor it is because you are lazy.

While that may seem absurd, a lot of things Americans believe are pretty absurd by Canadian standards, as seen by the results of this public opinion poll.


How Stupid Can Someone Be

Finally someone stupider than Sarah Palin


Fifth Column in Limbo ?

I apologize for the Fifth Column going into apparent limbo. The Fifth Column hopes to be back to reasonably regular postings (at least a few times a week) soon.


Liberals Pretend to Oppose Tory Budget

In a bold move yesterday the leader of Canada's Natural Abstaining Party declared "Liberals will vote against the budget but not in sufficient numbers to defeat the government".

This was further clarified: "A senior Liberal, talking on background, said the party will probably register its opposition to the budget through absences of MPs from the confidence votes in the weeks ahead".


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