Backroad Mapbooks Ontario GPS Map Version 5 Now Available With My Greenbelt Trail Maps Included

Backroad Mapbooks now has Version 5 of their Ontario GPS Map available. Actually it has been available since the fall but I only checked for updates at the start of the Spring biking season.

I am very impressed with the Backroad Mapbooks product, as I state in my review on my “Richard's GPS Trail Maps” website.

Version 5 includes all of the Greenbelt Trail Maps on my ”Richard's GPS Trail Maps” web site. Indeed it includes all my trail maps on the site except for the Stittsville “Jackson Trails” Trail System, which I expect to be included with the next update. I provide them with the tracks for all of my maps and soon will be adding a map of the “Scissons Road Quadrant of the Old Quarry Trail System to the website.

Indeed the Backroom Mapbooks GPS map is the easiest way to use my maps on a Garmin GPS as they are already on the background map and do not have to be loaded. However if you do not have a Garmin GPS, or the Backroad mapbooks GPS map you can download the tracks from my “Richard's GPS Trail Maps” website.

Unlike Garmin, which is primarily a technology company, that purchases it's maps from third parties, likely at the lowest price possible, Backroad Mapbooks is a mapping company that had it start with the goal of mapping all the backroads of Canada and has now extended that goal to include trail systems