How To Not Close A Trail While Building A Highway Over It – The Vienna Experience

Another in my Austrian Reflections Series.

One of my pet peeves has been the closure of the Queensway pedestrian and bike underpass from the summer of 2007-2009 (don't know if it will open at all this summer) while construction is being carried out on the western portion of the Queensway near Kanata.

They do things differently in Austria. We were on mountain bikes along a trail that followed the Marchfeldkanal on the outskirts of Vienna and came upon the construction of a highway over the trail. As you can see from the photographs nobody felt that there was a need to close the trail and indeed children (with parents) and bikes were explicitly allowed on the trail.

The sign in German translates (according to Google)to “Forbidden to enter the site - Parents are responsible for their children”, which I understand to mean “stay on the trail”.

(click photos to enlarge)

These are some other photos from along the trail.


Pretzel said...

I love windfarms. They look so futuristic, and really make me think of the future and how we can really turn around our current trend of pollution and waste if we just decide to change our energy and lifestyle habits just a little bit.

rww said...

I don't understand why some people that think they are ugly. I think they really look neat. We did not see any real industrial looking wind farms in Austria, with rows and rows of wind turbines. We just saw them scattered all over the countryside.