Faith-Based About Face

Tory's Policy No Longer Tories Policy

John Tory raised this issue with a principled but wrong position. Now he is just wrong.

Meanwhile Dalton McGuinty continues to oppose public funding for (non-Catholic) faith based-schools and carries on about how he supports public education while pretending the the Catholic School system does not exist.

And Howard Hampton carries on about how schools need more money while pretending the faith-based issue does not exist.

Only the Greens can claim to have a principled position on public education.


janfromthebruce said...

Well kinda. Your deputy leader proudly states she home schools her child, so I guess she advocates for all other Ontario children to attend an all enclusive public school system except her child.
I like it when leaders walk the talk as it is more believable.

rww said...

Just for the record. I am not currently a member of any political party but have been a life-long NDP supporter. This election will be only the third time I have not voted NDP.