The Two Faces Of MMP

In our present FPTP system voters theoretically vote for local candidates. Indeed, that is one of the main arguments of the FPTP proponents.

However, we all know that is just theory and that most voters vote on the basis of party without regard for who the local candidates are. They vote for a party's candidate as an indirect way of voting for the party.

MMP will allow voters to vote for the party of their choice directly, rather than indirectly. At the same time it will allow voters to actually consider the local candidates, their background, qualifications and personal positions and vote for them directly without losing their ability to vote for the party of their choice.

This will lead to more interest in the local candidates, more interest in elections and greater voter turnout, and thus greater democracy.

It will also lead to getting more Independent and independent thinking candiates elected.

So why are some people afraid of it.

Vote for MMP


ghubbers said...

I'm sure there are quite a few reasons. Some people are afraid of any change.

As the election has neared I've even found some people who've mistakenly assumed that "the big parties are pushing this" and are voting against it for the wrong reason.

Also, as I said here I believe that some in the media are afraid of it because they will have to relearn how to do their jobs, actually learning the party platforms beyond the largest three.

Jasmine said...

oh dad your so political