From Opportunism to Abstinence - Stéphane Dion and the Liberal Party

The Liberal Party has long been known to have no original ideas of it’s own, simply stealing policies from the Conservatives or New Democrats depending on the public mood.

When Stéphane Dion was elected party leader many thought he would be a leader that would not be remembered for anything. Little did they know he would take the party to new heights of opportunism as Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Abstainers.

The Liberal Party has apparently decided that since it does not agree with the policies of the Conservatives who form the government, nor with the policies of the New Democrats who oppose it, that their only option is to abstain from voting on all matters of confidence.

But they take their role as official abstainers seriously, these are not simple abstentions but ”whipped” abstentions on the government’s overall policy, as well as it’s financial policy.

Perhaps someone should remind Stéphane Dion and the Liberals that the role of the official opposition is to oppose the government and provide an alternative government in waiting. The Liberals have made it clear they are not ready to form an alternative government because they believe that they would not receive a mandate from the people to govern if an election was held at this time.

Perhaps they would have a better chance of winning an election and forming a government if they actually did their job as the official opposition by voting against the government’s policies that they claim to disagree with and putting forth alternative policies of their own, rather than being official abstainers.

If they are not prepared to do this the should call on the Speaker of the House to request Jack Layton and the New Democrats to take on the role of official opposition, in addition to that of effective opposition that they have already undertaken.


Blogging Horse said...

Worse still, Dion is threatening to expel any Liberal MP who votes with the NDP against Harper.

It's a virtual coalition government!

Is this what people who voted Liberal asked for? They will know better next time.

janfromthebruce said...

Next time out, NDP should not ask liberals to lend their vote, but vote for the NDP, for real progressive leadership on can count on!

Anonymous said...

Actually it's quite tactful. The Liberals won't win an election. If they vote against Harper guess what, we have to head to the polls. Harper may get lucky at get his majority. Why give him the possibility of winning a majority?

By not voting the Liberal party is showing opposition. This is better than voting in favor. This shows they don’t support Harper, yet they aren’t ready to force an election.

Have you ever heard of fighting the battles you can win? Once the Liberals have enough support and have done sufficient fundraising they'll bring down the government. It’s easy for the NDP to vote against anything. They’re chances of winning a government, is non existent. It’s very easy to stand on your ground when you have nothing to lose. Dion is playing this one right. He’s biding his time until his party is stronger.