Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber Pushing for Two Party System

It started with Ignatieff joining Harper's anti-coalition bandwagon, the common message being that the big boys don't share power with the little guys and it's extended to the push for a debate between just Harper and Ignatieff because they think that they lead the only two parties that really matter.

It is clear that the fight for a more democratic Canada and a more representative electoral system that recognizes that voters have the right to choose who governs them (not just the right to go through the motions of choosing between two establishment parties) will have be a hard fought battle led by the voters themselves.

It starts with refusing to give any party a majority, even if our flawed system is designed to give parties a majority of seats with under 40% of votes.

This election is about democracy.


kirbycairo said...

Unfortunately, it is not only the Cons who have been playing this card. For years now Liberals too have been suggesting that it is not the political discourse to which smaller parties contribute that really matters but just getting into power that is important. Real democracy is about a wider discourse and ensuring that it is not only the rich and powerful who determine the agenda. But the LPC has benefited from our skewed system as much as any party. And real reform will only come about when one of the two major parties advocate for it.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see people saying this. I have gone with the Libs in the past two elections only because I was fearing a Harper government and they were the best prospect in my riding.
My fear has increased for this year's running of the reptiles, but my concerns about democracy in this country are also much increased.

@kirbycairo -> "when one of the two major parties advocate for it"
--> Not gonna happen. They each see the huge benefits of the current system and the Bloc sure as shootin' ain't gonna push for PR.

For a slightly dated, but still relevant look at this issue, I recommend "Democracy, eh?" by Deverell and Vezina. It gave me much schadenfreude after the PC's got knocked back to 2 seats and cried for official party status to know that they were partially authors of their own demise.