Do You Really Support Stephen Harper

Are you a lifelong conservative, perhaps going back to the Progressive Conservative Party. Do you assume Stephen Harper represents you because he is the leader of the Conservative Party.

Find out which party really represents your views by taking the Vote Compass survey.

You might be surprised by the results. But don't assume a Liberal Party bias, as many have. I am a lifelong NDP supporter and it told me the Green Party best represented my views - no Liberal bias there.

To find out how your views really match the federal parties and leaders go through the analysis portion of Vote Compass and see how your answers match the parties' policies. You will probably be surprised how out of touch Stephen Harper's Reformatories are with your views and traditional Canadian conservative values.

Check it out and decide for yourself who best represents your political views.

Learn more about Vote Compass here.

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Anonymous said...

Commie-pinko-socialist here, and yep, the Green Party came up for me too.