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OC Transpo Screws Up Scheduling On First Days Back

On the first Saturday and Sunday of post-strike service OC Transpo managers, the people who want to take more control over OC Transpo scheduling, screwed it up so that drivers ended up being paid overtime, even though the system is at reduced capacity and drivers are sharing limited working hours.

As the Ottawa Citizen reported “Under questioning from River Councillor Maria McRae, OC Transpo director, Alain Mercier, said when the company made up schedules for drivers returning to work, an error was made and extra drivers had to be called in to cover all the routes.”

Pete Seeger Receives Apology – Better Late Than Never

As the CBC reported:

Nearly a half century ago, amid suspicion and fears of McCarthyism, folk singer Pete Seeger faced an ultimatum from the San Diego school district: Sign an oath against communism or cancel a concert he planned at a high school auditorium.

Seeger, who at the time of the board's demand was under scrutiny for his leftist politics, refused to sign the oath. A judge allowed the concert to proceed anyway.

Decades later, the school board wants to make amends. In a resolution approved Tuesday night, the school district declared that the board "deeply regrets its predecessors' actions" and offered an apology to a man who has become "one of our dearest national treasures."

The 89-year-old songwriter appears willing to accept the board's apology, saying the board's resolution is a "measure of justice that our right to freedom of expression has been vindicated."
E-Cigs – I Got Spammed

As one who thinks that smoking is not cool, but a disgusting habit, I really do not know what to make of this. A SPAM message about this was posted as a response to my post about the Economic Crisis Opportunity. I have deleted it but I do not know what to make of it. Is this a legitimate form of harm reduction or a tool to quit smoking, or just a SCAM. The proponent seem to be marketing it to anyone and everyone, from those that think smoking is cool to those that want to quit, and are clearly only interested in the profit they can make from selling this product.

Canadian Poll Results and Electoral Projections – ThreeHundredEight.com

I was recently asked to promote this website so I went to take a look at it. It reports on Canadian electoral polling and uses a weighting system to predict election results.

I have not analysed their methodology but I doubt if my one Poli Sci statistics course would qualify me to do so anyway. This is a really interesting idea and the site is worthwhile, just to be able to find all the different polling results in one place.

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