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Special Sunday Fifth Column

I do not usually post software reviews here, and this is not a full review, but something I stumbled upon.

I love Gmail, especially it's LABELS, which allows one to put messages in multiple virtual folders. My one big concern was not having my mail stored on my own computer. I now have a very easy and simple and intuitive way to do that using free software called MailStore.

This is one of the most intuitive programs that I have ever used. I had it up and running and tested the retrieval function on two Gmail accounts in under ten minutes.

MailStore can be downloaded here.

I will still store and retrieve my mail from Gmail online but I will have peace of mind knowing I have it duplicated offline on my own computer.

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Anonymous said...

Good tip. I use Gmail for all of my email accounts (including those that are hosted on my own server), so having a way to backup all of that information is important.