Prorogation – Government Wants A Do Over

Special Sunday Fifth Column

At first I thought all this talk about prorogation was a simple misunderstanding of terms and that people were talking about the government recessing the House until after Christmas, but now I am not sure.

A prorogation would mean the end of the session before it even started. The Economic and Fiscal Statement would die on the Order Paper and there would be a new Throne Speech when Parliament resumes.

It would be as if the Tories admitted they screwed things up so bad they needed a do over. It might be a good thing but I cannot see them admitting that.

Anyway, it is too late for a do over. Bring on the Progressive Coalition !


cls said...

And apparently Harper needs permission from the other 3 parties before he can prorogue (or however it is spelled.)

rww said...

Actually he would need the consent of the other parties to adjourn early for Christmas. He would have to ask the Governor General to prorogue Parliament and she would have to consent.

Beijing York said...

Pierre Poilievre totally evaded the prorogation question when asked FOUR times.

He just made a total ass of himself on CBC Newsworld. The desperate conservatives have released "news" regarding an NDP caucus meeting that they were invited to listen in on. Oh the scandal? That the Bloc (or should I say SEPARATISTS) and NDP have been conducting "secret shady meetings"to reverse the election results in their quest for a MASSIVE power grab.

I sure hope it was caught on YouTube because it is so over the top you can't help but laugh. What a weasel.

Also go vote for coalition: