The Most Hated Politician in Ontario

Enter Bob Rae, the most hated politician in Ontario, at least according to the massive corporate media campaign launched against him. Gaining power just as Ontario was entering a recession, he still managed to lead the most progressive government in Ontario's history, overhauling the provinces environmental, municipal planning and development, and labour laws.

And he ran deficit in order to provide economic stimulus and provide assistance to those in need. But he also asked the higher paid workers in the broader public sector to share the load via the social contract, exempting lower paid workers from it's application. This was the most controversial act of his government.

Since his election, and particularly prior to the next election, the establishment and the corporate media ran the most extensive propaganda campaign ever seen in the province. Added to this was a backlash from organized labour over the social contract and a lack of support from traditional NDP supporters in the “movements”, who perhaps felt the Rae government wasn't radical enough for not bringing on the revolution in it's first term.

This led to the most regressive government in Ontario history, that wiped out all of the Rae government's reforms and turned Ontario into a harsher meaner society.

Eventually Bob Rae left the New Democrats and joined the Liberals, but only after they abandoned him.

As a New Democratic Party supporter I am supposed to hate Bob Rae for that, and I am supposed to cheer for the candidate least qualified to lead the Liberals. However, as an independent blogger, I have to say that I believe Bob Rae is the best Liberal Party leadership candidate, for the Liberals and for Canada. And to his credit, Rae does not run away from his record as Premier but embraces it as part of the experience gained that will help him deal with the current economic situation. No one can argue with Rae's intellectual abilities, political experience and leadership qualities.

But most of all I support Bob Rae for the Liberal leadership because I believe he will not be afraid to move the Liberal Party to the left. I believe that will be good for the country and even good for the New Democrats. Conventional wisdom has it that a left leaning Liberal Party is bad for the NDP because it can draw away soft support from the NDP. However what it really does is push the NDP to distinguish itself from the Liberals by moving further left and promoting more progressive policies.

The federal NDP has accomplished a lot in opposition, especially when holding the balance of power with a Liberal minority government. The time is ripe for that scenario after the next election.


Gene said...

You can't be serious!

Bob Rae fits more than anybody else among the LPC heavyweights the now totally discredited brand of "Neocon". You don't have to take my word for it. You can judge for yourselves.

Quote: In an article entitled, "Parting Company with the NDP", Rae strongly criticized what he perceived as a bias against Israel in the federal party, and also criticized the NDP for rejecting Tony Blair's Third Way socialism and for refusing to accept globalization and open markets. - Link

Tony Blair?

Here is Rae going against his party in supporting neoconish so-called anti-terror laws!

Here is Rae regurgitating neocon talking points on Palestine and Iran, following by the way the same rationale employed by the Dershowitz, Bolton and Cotler gang when they worked on the resolution calling on the UN to bring charges of "genocide" against Ahmadinejad.

Not to mention Rae's appalling support for the JNF! I don't think people can be faulted for supporting particular parts of the world owing to emotional attachment but JNF is involved in illegal activities, tantamount to war crimes. That's what make Rae's association with the outfit so troubling and scary, especially in terms of the kind of foreign policy he would pursue should he, heaven forbid, become prime minister of this country.

rww said...

Unfortunately no mainstream Canadian party recognizes Israel for what it is, a rogue state.