I Am Smarter Than A Fifth Grader

Well, at least I am smarter than an American 5th Grader. I got all of the questions correct unaided last night, including the million dollar question. I did happen to luck out on the American history question as it was also a Canadian history question, about the war of 1812. Fortunately they did not ask who won, or they would have been wrong. But then the million dollar question turned out to be an American history question also. But fortunately it was "who was the first American to break the sound barrier". I cannot believe that the neuroscience PhD student missed Chuck Yeager and walked away with $25,000.

While these types of shows are really more about knowledge than intelligence I can still say "I am smarter than a fifth grader".

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Joshua said...

ugh, i feel sick to my stomach after watching this episode. Chuck Yeager. Give me a break, she wasn't sure about mercury - don't they make people take general chemistry? The real ? is why she gambled after winning $500,000. Why anyone goes beyond that is beyond me.