Holy Shit Diaperman

The Ontario Minister of Health may not have much experience with diapers but it only takes common sense to figure out that nobody is going to be comfortable in a soiled diaper, regardless of how full it is or how long it has been soiled.

When we had children it never occurred to me to try wearing a dirty diaper to see how long was an acceptable time to leave them in one. Call it male intuition, but I just knew they would not be comfortable in a soiled diaper for any length of time.

When we are dealing with elderly persons in nursing homes, we are not only talking about discomfort, we are talking about human dignity. There is no acceptable amount or time for someone to be left in a soiled diaper.

Nursing homes must be required have the necessary facilities and staff to provide residents with proper care and to treat them with human dignity.

I think George Smitherman can skip his experiment. He has already proven that he is full of it.

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Anonymous said...

Now imagine that senior care is probably the just about the best it is going to be for the next twenty years. We're never going to improve capacity to keep pace with demand. It's all downhill after the Boomers reach 60.