The Teachers Dilemma

Nobody wants to give in to a bully. Indeed teachers teach students not to give in to bullies and teachers are expected to be role models and teach by example.

So the teachers, when the bully took away their collective bargaining rights with draconian legislation that took away their right to strike, used the only legal avenue they had to fight back against the bully and refused voluntary activities.

They knew the government had pushed them into a corner so that their only legal way of fighting back would impact students and keep them from doing things they loved to do. I am sure they were looking individually and collectively for a way to bring things back to normal for their students while still taking a stand against the bully government.

When they found another way to make a last stand against the government with minimal impact on students, Dalton McGuinty said no that is illegal, the only protests we will allow you to undertake are ones that harm your students.

So what next.


Art said...

"I'm with the teachers... This may be an illegal strike, but what these guys (in govt) are doing to education is criminal."

Dalton McGuinty, Toronto Star October 14, 1997

Skinny Dipper said...

One thing about teaching is that there are a lot of discretionary things that teachers do under normal circumstances. Do expect the unions to strongly advise their teacher-members not to do the following over the next two years:

No extra-curriular activities.

No field trips.

No meeting with parents before or after school.

No participation in ministry supported activities unless required by law.

Teachers may be required to attend staff meetings. However, teachers are not required to activity contribute to discussions.

Back in 2003, the unions implemented "pink notices" on school boards that didn't settle with the unions right away. Those pink notices informed prospective teachers not to apply for or accept teaching positions. Those who did got named and sanctioned by the unions. Other teachers ostracized those who accepted work.

If people think that the labour difficulties are over, they are only beginning.

Anonymous said...

Bully is right. So. What do we tell our kids to do to a bully? Be assertive back (some parents would say PUSH back). BUT- who are the real army against the bully? The bystanders. For every teacher, there are 20 kids. That is 20 parents or more at least. If half of those support the teachers- that is TEN times the number fighting back right now. WRITE YOUR GOVERNMENT. STAND with the teachers physically as well as verbally. No school? Drop your kids off at Queen's PARK. Let THEM teach for a change, and see what it takes- if you can get them to show up for work that is.