Riding on the Hottest Day of the Year

Knowing it was supposed to be the hottest day of the year I decided it would be a good day for a hybrid ride, but not being a fool I set out at 9:00 in the morning when it was only about 25 degrees with a humidex around 30, and headed towards Westboro Beach.

It really wasn't too bad and I passed several other cyclists, mostly my age or older. There were actually very few people at the beaches between 9:30 and 10:00 but a few were in the water, despite the beaches being closed.

I noticed I had one of my best times for the season at 20.6 km/hr average (22 km/hr average on the way to Wesboro with the wind). I think the heat does help your muscles perform plus the added incentive to go faster to create more wind.

On the way back it started to get hotter, which was most noticeable when I had to stop at the lights at Moodie and Corkstown, and during the last half hour it was really starting to get uncomfortable. When I arrived home at about 11:30 the temperature was 30 and the humidex was 42 and I was glad that the ride was over.

Distance 46.2 km
Time: 2 hrs 14 min
Avg Speed: 20.6 km/hr
Max Speed: 35.2 km/hr

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