Best CN Cycle for CHEO/Tour Nortel Yet

Well surprisingly this was the best year ever that I have had riding in the Tour Nortel or CN Cycle for CHEO. I've been fighting something off all week and was not even sure when I got up this morning if I could do it but decided once I was on my bike everything would be OK.

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After iffy forecasts the weather turned out great, even if it started out cool. The route was very scenic, even if it did turn out to have some long hills with the wind against us. My longest training ride was 57 km and my best average training speed was 19.5 km/hr so I figured if I could do at least 18 km/hr I would be fine. It turned out I had my best time yet of 20.5 km/hr average with a maximum speed of 41.5 km/hr (downhill with the wind behind me).

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A good time was had by all I am sure.

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