The Debate: Canadian Values Win

The most interesting thing I noticed about the debate was where all the leaders, or at least all of the federalist leaders, agreed.

These were on what I would consider to be the most basic of Canadian values, but values that many of us suspect are not dear to the heart of Stephen Harper, yet he provided vigorous defences of them - public health care and multiculturalism.

It speaks well to their broad support among Canadians that not even Stephen Harper would publicly oppose them knowing it would be political suicide.

The other issues I particularly noticed were the ones that were only raised by Jack Layton, electoral reform, particularly proportional representation and aboriginal issues.

Jack also gets some points for language, being the only leader to use the term ""hashtag" in the debate and "commentariat" during the post debate scrum.


Beijing York said...

Layton exposed one lie that nobody in the media is talking about. Harper basically said that he would support a public health care policy. That is very different from a universal health care policy that we currently benefit from. He basically let the cat out of the bag - he will definitely introduce a two-tier system.

Anonymous said...

About the debate:
Duceppe – Knows he will never become PM of Canada but does his best to server and bring perks to Quebec, he’s just biding his time serving as the Bloc leader until he can collect his big fat CANADIAN pension.

Layton – “It’s all about the people” socialist who has no regard for how to pay for all of the benefits that he says that every special interest group deserves. Live-for-today attitude with no concern for the long term well being of Canada.

Ingateiff – Professional career seeker, just wants to try his hand at playing PM so he can put it on his CV, plain and simple. Pointing fingers in every direction, has no regard for best interest of Canadians and our economy by calling another unwanted election. Please go back to the U.S.

Harper – Concerns about his secretive politics and U.S./corporate driven policies but he’s faring well in the global arena while the economies of many other western countries are collapsing. Sort of like the strict parent who discusses the family business with his wife in private (the kids don’t need to hear this), reads the newspaper and watches the news to educate himself about what is going on in the world and uses that to make wise decision in the best interest of his family.

This is serious $#|+ people. It might be the case of “the devil you know” or “the better of all evils” but did we really need an election ?
Nothing is perfect but Harper is running the country reasonably well… just look around and see what’s happening in other countries.