Pray For The Land

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Statement by the Coalition to Protect the South March Highlands

Attached is a download link to the Pray for the Land announcement planned for this Sunday, Jan 30, in the South March Highlands [announcement appears above this statement]. The current outlook, which we are still working hard to prevent, will have tree clearing begin in Beaver Pond Forest on Jan 31. Tree clearing has already occurred on Richardson Ridge prior to our OMB appeal being heard.

It is apparent that the City’s infrastructure approvals staff intend to push this subdivision thru regardless of how many rules they have to bend/break.

The provincial government is acting like an inert bowl of jelly. Despite irrefutable evidence of provincially significant archaeology, the Ministry of Culture has done nothing. Despite the fact that the City of Ottawa lacks the authority to approve the mass killing of wildlife, the Minister of Natural Resources has done nothing. Despite the fact that the planned subdivision will illegally divert water from one watershed to another, the Minister of Environment has done nothing. Despite the fact that the most-biodiverse area in Ottawa is being clear-cut, in his own back-yard, the Premier of Ontario has done nothing.

Two area MPs, Gordon O’Connor and Paul Dewar, have asked the NCC to show leadership and step in. The NCC has the archaeologists and natural environment assessment resources that the city lacks. Yet the NCC has done nothing and the Minister of the Justice continues to ignore the illegality of a mass killing of wildlife, the Minister of Indian & Northern Affairs continues to ignore the constitutional duty to consult with all First Nations who have stepped forward in protest, and the Minister of the Environment continues to ignore a travesty that is playing out within 20 minutes of Parliament Hill.

Thousands of letters have been sent and yet we still have to ask “WHERE ARE OUR LEADERS?”

It’s time to make our voices visible. It’s time to make our prayers heard by all.

A large turnout will be important to help bring this issue into the consciousness of the thick heads of politicians at all 3 levels of government. Please advise your distribution lists. We will be sending out a media advisory as well as Action notice to our list.

Thanks for your continued support to Protect the South March Highlands.

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who is behid this? what names and what kind of money?...