Has Wikileaks Gone Off Track

If I recall correctly, it seems to me, that the original idea of Wikileaks was to provide an outlet for whistle-blowers who wanted to draw attention to government wrongdoing by releasing the documents that prove it.

Now it seems that the idea is that no information, whether government or corporate, should be confidential and that they will publish anything and everything leaked to them regardless of the motives or consequences.

And many seem to believe that they deserve the unquestioning support of all progressives. I'm not so sure about that.


Oemissions said...

it seems as tho they are leaving it to the press/media to sift through

kirbycairo said...

I have thought the same thing. It seems to me that classic whistle-blowing had some kind of specific moral goal of uncovering significant and systematic deception. This is just blanket release of any an all documents that they can ge their hands on.

Having said that, I profoundly condemn the clearly political nature of the persécution against Mr. Assange.