Bracebridge-Gravenhurst-Muskoka Mountain Biking Trails

The following is a document I put together in preparation for a possible mountain biking vacation this summer. I have not been to any of these places. The information below is based on Rider Mel's Guide and Internet research.

If anybody wants a printer friendly PDF version with clickable links or a GPX file of the waypoints on the maps please email me at richardw.woodley@gmaii.com

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Muskoka – Bracebridge Area Mountain Biking Sites

Core Area Trails

Buck Wallow

Fee: $7 day
Location: near Gravenhurst
Overview: 20 km trails, intermediate to advanced, very well maintained
Directions: Take Hwy 400 from Barrie north to Hwy 11, Hwy 11 north to Gravenhurst Parkway (exit 175) and follow briefly to Reay Rd, turn right and look for signed parking area on left, other side of road from KOA campground.
More info, map: Rider Mel's Guide
Crankarm: Buckwallow Trail Map
Mountain Biking at Buckwallow Cycling Centre - Canada Trails

Porcupine Ridge

Fee: $2 day
Location: Santa's Village, Bracebridge
Overview, 20 km trails, intermediate to advanced, “northern shield riding”
Directions: Take Hwy 400 from Barrie north to Hwy 11, Hwy 11 north to Hwy 118, Hwy 118 west to Bracebridge., go through the first set of traffic lights and turn left at Santa's Village Road, continue about 5 km. Porcupine Ridge is on the right hand side of the road, other side of road from Santa's Village.
More info, map: Rider Mel's Guide
Ecclestone Cycle: Porcupine Ridge Trail Map
Mountain Biking in Porcupine Ridge Trails - Canada Trails

Bracebridge Resource Management Centre

Fee: none indicated
Location north of Bracebridge (8 km)
Overview: 15 km trails, multi-use, easy to intermediate. double track loops
double track loops with interconnecting single track over rolling terrain in a forested area.
Directions: Take Highway 11 N. from Bracebridge past the turn off for Highway 117. The entrance is on the east side of Highway 11, 2.4 km north of High Falls/Hwy 117 bridge. The entrance is clearly marked by a large sign.
More info:
Doitinmuskoka.com - Bracebridge Resource Management Centre
Tourism Bracebridge - Muskoka Trails

Devils Gap

Fee: none indicated
Location: west of Gravenhurst
Overview; 6 km, 40 km, singletrack and fire roads, all skill levels. Great photo opportunities such as beaver dams, expanses of Canadian Shield, vast marshland and open meadows.
Directions: Trailhead is found 6.9 km west of Gravenhurst on Hwy 169. Turn left onto Snider's Bay Road… travel 1.3 km to Muriel Crescent to the Trailhead on the right. (look for the pole in the ground which starts the trail OR continue just a few seconds further and find parking on the right, open rock area great for parking, 2nd entrance to the trail there)
More info:
MTBR: Devils Gap Trail Reviews
Gravenhurst Hiking Trails

Torrance Barrens

Fee: Free
Location: Between Gravenhurst and Torrance
Overview: 15 km, easy, lunar landscape, dark sky reserve
Directions: Take Muskoka Road 169 north from Gravenhurst, Turn south on Southwood Road (Muskoka Road 13) and travel 7 kilometres to the Torrance Barrens sign. Park on the flat rock. The trail is marked with stone cairns, white marks on rocks and metal signs.
More info, map: Rider Mel's Guide
Ecclestone Cycle: Torrance Barrens
Trail Peak: Torrance Barrens

Peripheral Area South Trails

Hardwood Hills

Fee: $12.50 day
Location: near Edgar
Overview: 50 km trails, easy to intermediate, quick drying trails
Directions: Take 400 extension North from Barrie, north of Barrie, take first exit (exit #111) onto Forbes Rd (County Road 11), turn left at stop sign, follow Forbes Rd. NE for 10 km, Hardwood Ski and Bike will be on the left hand side of the road.
More info, map: Rider Mel's Guide
Hardwood Hills Ski and Bike
Mountain Biking at Hardwood Hills - Canada Trails

Eight Wander, Seventh Heaven

Fee: free
Location: near Edgar, east of Hardwood Hills
Overview: single track, mixed reviews
Directions: Oro/ Medonte, Near Horseshoe Valley (sugarbush).Trails located in between Horseshoe Valley Road (south of) and Old Barrie Road (north of), in between 2nd and 8th lines of Oro/Medonte.Minutes past Hardwood Hills on Old Barrie Road.
More info, location map:
MTBR: 8th Wander, 7th Heaven Trail Reviews

Pineridge Loop

Fee: free
Location: near Coulson
Overview: 13 km, intermediate
Directions: Take 400 north from Barrie to exit 117 East, turn right on Horseshoe Valley Rd. and look for the Pineridge signs just past Horseshoe Heights
More info: Rider Mel's Guide

Peripheral Area East Trails

Haliburton Forest

Fee: $15 per day
Location: by Kennisis Lake, near Algonquin Park
Overview: 100kms trails, , 300km of MTB and wilderness trails, easy to advanced note, includes wolf centre, some negative comments on Dirt world) see last link)
Directions: At West Guilford cross the bridge, and take County Road 7 for approximately 20 kilometres (12 miles) to the Base Camp. For
More info: Rider Mel's Guide
Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve
Mountain Biking at Haliburton Forest - Canada Trails
Dirtworld: Haliburton Forest Mountain Bike Trail

Sir Sams

Fee: none indicated, (Half Day: $8.95
Full Day: $12.95 at Ski Hill site)
Location: close to Sir Sams Ski Hill near Eagle Lake
Overview: intermediate to advanced, fast ride with some moderate technical challenges. (From Sir Sams Ski Hill website: We have been busy mapping out and cutting Mountain Bike Trails to be open for Summer 2009. (Not certain if Ski Hill is taking over all trails)
Directions: From the town of Eagle Lake,go through Sir Sams Ski Hill parking lot to Deer Lake Dr. Several trails lead off the road marked with orange.
More info:
JaggedPath: Sir Sams
SirSams.com - Sir Sam's Ski Area
SirSams.com - SirSams.com - Mountain Bike Trails and Rentals

Silent Lake Provincial Park

Fee: park admission fee
Location: 24 km south of Bancroft
Overview: 6, 12 and 19km trails, intermediate to advanced,
well marked, and operate from the 2nd Friday in May until Thanksgiving Monday, trails have extremely muddy portions during the spring to mid June season.
Directions: The park is 25 km southwest of Bancroft on Highway 28
More info, map: Rider Mel's Guide
JaggedPath: Silent Lake Provincial Park
Silent Lake Provincial Park
Mountain Biking at Silent Lake Provincial Park - Canada Trails

Peripheral Area West Trails

Three Stage

Fee: none indicated
Location County Road 19 south west of Collingwood.
Overview: 40 (80?) km, intermediate to advanced
Directions: ???

(Rider Mel's Guide)
From Main St. in Collingwood go west to the Hwy 26 intersection and turn LEFT. Go to Sixth Street and turn RIGHT. Go to Osler Bluff Rd. (Hwy 19) and turn LEFT. Stay on 19 turning RIGHT onto 9TH sideroad. It will head up the escarpment. Turn LEFT at the 2ND line and follow the rough road to the dead end. Pick up the 1-track to the right of the parking area (on the cross roads) and follow the map.

From the west take Grey Rd. #2 south to Grey Rd #19, then east to the Collingwood 4/5 line. Go south to the 6/7 sideroad, then east to the intersection of the 2/3 line. The road basically ends here and you can park off to the side and access the upper entrance. Riders coming from the east may prefer to use the lower parking lot on Grey Rd. #31 near the intersection of the Collingwood townline.

From the 400 follow the 25 passed Collingwood to the 19. Take the 19 south and watch for the Bruce Trail on the right side of the road. You'll find an unnamed road across from this on the other side of the street which will lead you to the small parking area and the entrance to the trails.

More info: Rider Mel's Guide
Mountain Biking Central Ontario North
Crankarm: 3 Stage
Mountain Biking @ Three Stage May 2004 (photos)
Jolley's Alternative Wheels - Three Stage

Loree Forest

Fee: free
Location: near Victoria Corners
Overview: 8 km, beginner, short flat singletrack, great view of Collingwood and Georgian Bay
Directions: From Victoria Corners on County Road 2 take Sideroad 21 for approx 4 km, parking area is on right, trail entrance on left.
More info: Rider Mel's Guide
Jolley's Alternative Wheels - Loree Forest
Mountain Biking Central Ontario North

Kolapore Uplands

Fee: none indicated
Location: Kolapore, below Lake Huron
Overview: 50 Km, intermediate to advance, forested, The map is available at the Ravenna General Store 6km north of the parking lot
Directions: The main entrance is approximately 6 km south of Ravenna on Grey Road 2, 15 km north of County Road 2 and County Road 4.

More info: Rider Mel's Guide
Mountain Biking at Kolapore Uplands Trails - Canada Trails
Mountain Biking Central Ontario North
Kolapore Uplands Wilderness Ski Trails

For Future Reference: Further East Trails, Bruce Peninsula etc.
Jolley's Alternative Wheels - Mountain Bike Trails
Mountain Bike The Bruce

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