"I Am Not a Racist ..."

What's the difference between these two statements.

"I am not a racist it's just that I can't hire black staff because most of my customers are racist."

"I am not a racist it's just that we can't pick a black candidate because most of the voters are racists."

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Anonymous said...

Oh, believe you me, both those comments are of the Pass the Buck kind that serves to protect the racist from being labelled as such by stating it's his customers who are racist and wouldn't frequent his establishment. And, unfortunately, both ends are true. Try Stittsville for example! All white faces. Housing prices placed at a level that is out of reach to the working class multi-cultural families that live and work in Ottawa. Ottawa is a racist city and it's a fact that is well known. Too many dark faces cleaning Bayshore Mall - not enough dark faces running Bayshore Mall. Government full of white faces - just get invited to write a government test and all the facilitators are white. The best place for equality if you're not white is Toronto. Go west Muhummad, go west.