The Most Hated Man in Newfoundland

Not being a Newfie myself, I might not use the same colourful language as Danny Williams or Loyola Hearn, but I have to say that I share their sentiments when it comes to Paul Watson. By his actions the man appears to be everything that they say he is.

Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society continue to spread lies about the Canadian seal hunt as a propaganda technique to raise money. The seal hunt has never been an environmental issue as the seals being hunted have never been an endangered species. While originally there may have been valid concerns about the humaneness of the hunt, the protesters won their battle years ago when the regulations and practices of the hunt were changed. It is time for them to move on to fight real environmental issues. However, because of the cash cow it provides the seal hunt protesters continue to use images of white coat seals in their fund raising campaigns even though they have not been hunted since 1987.

The last straw for Newfoundlanders, and all Canadians, came when Paul Watson expressed total disregard for the lives of Canadians who risk their lives in a dangerous occupation to provide for their families, and claimed that the deaths of seals was a greater tragedy than the deaths of Canadians. This was an act that caused Green Party Leader Elizabeth May to disassociate herself from Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Paul Watson, as the ring leader, should have been arrested along with the officers of The Farley Mowat, He is just as responsible as they are for placing the lives of Canadian at risk.

The Fifth Column supports Canadian sealers and condemns Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Society for their misrepresentation of the seal hunt and their total disregard for the lives of Canadians.


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Anonymous said...

I agree, the harp seals are a greater bounty to the Sea Shepherds than to the sealers. I think they get actual returns for money invested in protesting the harp seal, in terms of publicity received and donations generated.

On the other hand, I think most of the things they do they do at a loss. I happened to see Saving Sharks (savingsharks.com) last night, and I'm willing to believe these other things have a lot value.

They are agitators. I think that's important right now, even when sometimes I have to feel like the bad guy.

albertaboy said...

If sealing was stopped in Canada, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society would likely be out of business in a year. Most of their money is made at this time of year.

Side note here-has the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ever helped out even one seal??

Anonymous said...

Sea Shepherd is not protesting the seal hunt to make money as Hearn would imply. Most if not all the money raised goes back into repairs and fuel for the ships and to support the world-wide campaigns SSCS is conducting. The seal hunt protest is only part of their attempt to get peoples attention to what mankind is doing to the oceans as a whole. What happens in the ocean around Cananda effects the rest of the world. The statement is made that the seals are not endangered. Who made that determination. At what level do you consider something to be endangered. Too many species have been wiped out by people who blightly killed the animals around them, thinking there would be more over the horizon. Look at the buffalo, the passenger pigeon, the Tasmanian tiger. The black rhino and eastern timber wolf, to name a few. Though many more are at the edge of disappearing. The depletion of the Atlantis cod stock isn't the result of an overpopulation of seals. It is the direct result of commercial overfishing of the oceans. Scientist raised the alarm over 30 years ago that people could not continue the use the fishing methods still in use today. I'm a pacific islander, and I can see the results of idustrialized nations raping the oceans,around my island. pollution in the sky and sea. Less and less fish each year. Maybe Paul Watkins is Big mouth, maybe to some his methods are extreme, I am sure not all those who are Sea Shepherds agree with all his views. But the course they are following is a sincere concern for the environment, and Yes the future generations of mankind who must inherit this planet from us. Each of us needs to think of how they want to be remembered. How will future generations view You.

pupthumper said...

watson and mcartney should write a freakin' lullaby! or maybe get married. i agree mostly with anonymous. although i somewhat disagree with harvesting sealpup pelts, the world needs omega-3 foods, and the farmers need money. just like watson needs fuel for his little boat. she won't float on tears alone, hey watson...you should plant a tree, i won't tell you where...... you're future family will need oxygen to stay alive, if only to endure you're rant's. remember brian tobin????? i hear he has been practicing his aim.... go drop you're anchor somewhere else.!!!! sincerely, GREG CAREW.

pupthumper said...

i have simply had enough of the federal incompetance and ignorance on this issue. one need only to compare the actions[inactions]of OUR... ? government on the cod fishery.WHO ARE YOU? DO DO DO -DE DO?/// .I'D LIKE TO KNOW!..honest to GOD. how do you justify your paycheques ? same ol' banter, same ol. suck off the trough.... take a deep breath, when your brain starts to buzz... open your eye's, fer godsakes. now then ,about the gun registry.......

pupthumper said...


Anonymous said...

Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd is everything they say he is: One of the GREATEST HEROES of our TIME!

Paul is a great hero to Canada, and a great hero to the Canadian people. 30 million good Canadians will be relieved of the stain that a few little cowardly newfoundland seal killers bring upon the nation.

Also, millions upon millions of poor canadians livelyhoods will be saved, and 30 million Canadians will get more money in their pay, after the seal hunt is shut down, because their salary wont need to be docked taxes to pay for the financial losses that Sealers create since the Seal hunt is an economic loss.

The seal hunt by the nasty and greedy Newfoundland sealers costs the good people of Canada upwards of 50 million dollars, including 24 million charged for ice breaking, millions in subsidies paid over the years, UI, entitlements, flagrant trips by pro sealer officials flaunting themselves in luxurious trips to paris trying in vain to get anyone to purchase nasty seal meat or cry to the EU, and that's not even the hundreds of millions of dollars lost by boycotts of Canadian Sea Food, and divestiture of companies that simply won't invest in Canada due to the seal hunt, thousands of lost jobs, and more.

So the hunt costs over 50 million to run, the hunt loses hundreds of millions in ancillary side effects, and sealers only bring about 5 mil, that's one of the biggest economic blunders of the century. pelts are down to 33 dollars, only 275K skins can be taken, so 33 times 275K only adds up to a maximum of 9million that sealers could EVER bring in, but that's not profit, there's expenses! Boats, fuel, bungled Coast Guard Rescues, planes, overflights, trips, equipment, not all pelts are quality enough to sell for 33, some can only fetch 4 bucks. So expenses deduct up to half of that 9 mil, that leaves a grand total pittance income of 4.5million that the seal hunt could ever bring in. Yet it COST 50! That's a negative result of the seal hunt. A financial loss dragging the country down, even ice breaking at 24million costs more than the sealers would ever generate. 5 mil earned minus 24 mil in expenses means just for that part, the people of Canada get socked for a negative 19 million dollar charge that comes out of every canadian's paycheck.

And 5 mil brought in, spread over 5000 sealers means all these hundres of millions of dollars, grief, shame, embarassment, a huge stain on canada's name, trade bans, boycotts, etc, is all for 1,000 bucks. each. One could pay off these disgusting sealers the thousand bucks to stay at home and keep from soiling the name of the nation and actually MAKE money for everyone in Canada!

Shutting the hunt down, giving 1000 or 1500 bucks to pay off a bunch of arrogant unpatriotic sociopathic sealers would actually make more money for all the people of Canada because now one would not have to pay the 24million for ice breaking,(24mil is just the portion it costs to coddle these seal hunting stooges throught the ice to the floes, the whole budget for the Coast Guard for the normal seaway traffic is 200million, the 24 is not for the seaway) no more posh vacations for Loyola Hearn. No more indirect subsidies, no more losses for boycotts, no more corporations pulling out, the benefit of shutting down the seal hunt would be enormous.

The cod would come back because seals protect and defend the cod. Seals eat the cod's predators. The DFO & sealers spread an urban legend that seals ate their fish to cover up the fact that sealers & fishermen trawled it and ruined the cod themselves. Seals actually protected the cod and increased cod's populations because seals reduce the cod's PREDATORS. Seals keep squid and skates and sculpin at bay, and things that ate the cod's fish eggs. Less seals increased the predators. Predators like squid ate the cod, other predators ate the cod's eggs, and seal killers caused the Canadian Fisheries disaster. With more seals again, the seals can protect the cod again. And the Fishery will rebound. All we need to do is keep these ignoramus sealers away from screwing with the fish & the seals. Before they screwed it up, nature had created the huge populations of seals coexisting with the grand banks huge fish populations and all was fine. Then sealers & fishermen had to go mucking with it and thinking they had to control this and kill that and manage the other thing and now look at the mess they caused. DFO actually had to pull down and retract the statement that seals reduced the cod. It's been taken off the DFO website. Erased. Because their own scientists told them if they kept that statement that the seals ate the cod on there that they would be liable for false information. It's been proven by the DFO itself that the seals did NOT cause the cod collapse. Watch out if sealers try to tell you that, it's been debunked but they'll attempt it.

Paul Watson even warned them about the foreign trawlers. He is the 1 person who went out and protected Newfoundlanders and fishermen by chasing away foreign trawler ships. And was hailed as a hero, and arrested by the Canadian govt & DFO that wanted to continue to allow foreign trawlers to continue to rake up all the cod. Yes, Paul took action to stop it, the same thing every fisherman is complaining about today. Paul warned that it would happen back in 1992 and tried to warn you. Go look it up. It was the DFO that thought they knew better and wanted the money and allowed the Foreign ships in there, and did nothing. And the DFO is the reason you are where you are now.

So Paul Watson is one of the greatest heroes of our modern time. Helping the MAJORITY of good Canadian people, over a minority faction of nasty greedy extremist seal killers who have tainted the good name of the country and mucked up the fish, contaminated the environment, and docked every canadian's paycheck for tax money.

Paul is hero to the seals, he will save canadian lives of sealers who will not die now due to the DFO's Coast Guard killing sealers in bungled government "rescue" attempts, thereby saving sealers lives, and Paul is a Canadian patriot, and not only has helped Canada, but both humans and animals all over the world.

And if the nasty bad sealers hate, then that means he's doing things right! Because the bad people are going to be unhappy, and the good people are going to rejoice. So that's how you'll know which category you are in as well, if you support Paul Watson you are among the Majority and with the forces of good and part of the solution, if you are against him, guess what, that makes you one of the people that is dragging down the nation, you are not a patriot, and are part of the problem. And those are the nasty people in the minority who hate canada and want to ruin it for everyone and for all of our children. So join in shutting down the stain on the great nation of Canada called the seal hunt. It will benefit 30 million Canadians and make everyone have more pride and eliminate the embarassing black eye that a handful of aggressive and boisterous radical sealers have brought upon the great nation.

sealers can be paid to stay home and shut the f up, and stop mucking things up. Millions of Canadians will have more money, greater pride, and be able to take a deep breath of fresh air, enjoy the beautiful snowfall without fear of red blood stains, the fish will thrive again the world will be a slightly better place for it.